how to make a website for free

Connect with your customers and drive traffic to your locations

Mobile Apps For Business

NiBytes Business Apps allow you to connect with your customers like never before and drive traffic to your locations. We offer premium business features that cost less than a newspaper advert but bring lasting engagement with customers. ‚ÄčOur solutions will, increase your brand awareness, increase sales and enhance your brand reputation in the market.

Be Heard

Send Push Notifications to your customers either as a whole, a group or in a particular location. Research shows 97% of all push notifications are opened.

Engage Your Clients

Set up a Social Wall for customers to give feedback on your products, service, business and customer care and manage the comments online

Build Loyalty

Easily Create and manage loyalty campaign programs for your customers 

Attract and Notify

Send notifications to your customers when they are close to your locations, give event listings for your business on the go.

Increase Your Customers

Create and easily manage a referral campaign for your business. 

Online Ordering

Share Menus, products and services and enable ordering and payment from the app.